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Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas facilities are required to perform regular inspections in order to keep a close eye on every pipe, vessel, weld, joint and valve. These testing are crucial to keep production going and ensure a safe working environment.

What is inspected?
Pressure Vessels, Valves & Pipes


Refineries, Offshore Platforms, Power Stations, Petrochemical plants and basically any plant which has pressure Vessels, Valves & Pipes


In the Aerospace industry NDT inspections are performed during the manufacturing process and during periodic maintenance. It's vital that every small defect is detected as lives could be at stake.

What is inspected?
Composite Materials and Structural Components

Aircraft Fuselage, Engine parts, Landing Gear and flight Control Surfaces 


The Ship's hull is all about welds and for obvious reasons testing them is critical. The need to meet the strict quality requirements and the ever increasing demand to enhance productivity while increasing safety is imperative and easily achievable with Digital Radiography.

What is inspected?

Ship’s hull and Pipes


Quality Assurance testing is performed during the production and after prolonged periods of storage of munition – to name a few rifle rounds, mortars, grenades etc. Ensuring the integrity of the munition is a must since faulty ammunition can be catastrophic.

What is inspected?
Cracks, Explosives Integrity, Assemblies’ Errors, Faulty Fuses etc.

Quality Control and periodic inspections all along the munition manufacturing process and after storage


Construction of modern structures such as buildings and bridges require high quality concrete with sufficient strength and durability. Digital Radiography X-Ray systems are used for both quality assurance when building new structures and when old structures are being renovated in order to comply with newer building standards.

What is inspected?
Pipes, Cables, Re-bars, Conduit, Fittings etc.

Buildings, Bridges etc.


The usage of trains as a means of transporting people and goods has increased tremendously in the past century. This advancement has brought heavier loads at higher speeds and the risk of service failures in railway tracks has increased.

What is inspected?
Thermite Welds

Railway tracks

Power Line

In order to keep the constant supply of electricity it’s important to keep the integrity of the High-Power Cables, Compression Sleeves and associated structures.  These electrical structures are out in extreme environments and weather conditions, therefore, need constant maintenance and quality control.

What is inspected?
High Power Cables, Compression Sleeves


High Tension Power Lines , Electrical Structures etc.

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