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The World Leaders In Portable X-Ray Systems


NOVO DR Ltd. offers the highest image quality in the portable digital radiography industry.
The ruggedness and reliability of our systems combined with amazing X-Ray Images make them the best in the market. Our intuitive and easy to use products have been designed and engineered by our incredibly professional and highly experienced team!
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3D Measurements & Imaging

3D Arc provides exact X, Y, Z coordinates measurements and 3D imgaing in seconds.

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21.5" Sunreadable Tablet

The NOVO Bright XL is a 21.5" Tablet .  1500 NIT Super Brightness! Also the Bright L Tablet at 17" is available.

Genie - Image Enhancement

Proprietary, state-of-the-art algorithm that provides image enhancing allowing the human eye to see clearly and it is incredibly easy to use.

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Lightweight Detectors

Our Detectors are the lightest in the market they provide outstanding image quality in a rugged, durable, thin design and are the latest in DR imaging technology.

Intuitive Touch Software

Designed from the ground up as a Native Touch Software, it has a user-friendly interface which allows you to operate and control the system in harsh & extreme field conditions.

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