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NOVO Systems

NOVO Shadow System: 12SF
Rover II System
NOVO Ultimate II System: 22WS
NOVO Tactical II System: 15WS
NOVO Urban System

Falcon II

• Built-in GPS
 Up to 500m(0.31 Miles) Line of Sight Wireless Communication
MIL Standard (MIL-DTL 38999) Connectors
Wired Communication up to 300m (0.18 miles)
 6+ Hours of Operation
Power Down the Line
 Supports operation of both old and new RS223 Golden Engineering Sources
Lightweight at ~900g (2 lbs.) Only

3D Arc

The 3D Arc provides precise location & exact measurements for IED disruption & manual entry. Extremely easy to use touch interface, provides accurate X, Y, Z measurements and 3D imaging in seconds.

Folding Slider L/XXL

The two NOVO Folding Sliders are the ideal solutions for screening large objects. 

• Folding Slider L up to Folding Slider XXL

Built-in controller

Controlled by the NOVO Touch Software

Has a completely automated movement.


The NOVO Lookout is a lightweight, 3 in 1 accessory enabling the following capabilities:

Organic Detection

Live Video

Live Audio

Robot Detector Frame

The Robot Detector Frame is lightweight and shock absorbent.

Robot C-Arm

The Robot C-Arm is lightweight and so it allows the robot to pick up and carry simultaneously the X-Ray Source and the Detector


Proving up to 2 miles (3.3km) line of sight, the NOVO Eagle is an extremely long-range wireless transceiver, which extends the wireless communication between the tablet and the inspection area. 



In EOD/IED split seconds decisions are imperative. Immediate high quality digital images are crucial for analysis of the insides of a suspected object or a bomb. 

What is inspected?

EOD’s, IED’s, Explosives etc.


In customs, check point officials must perform a quick, non-intrusive and non-destructive inspection of suspected vehicles and packages with whom they come across on a daily basis. 

What is inspected?

Contraband, Ammunition, Weapons, Drugs, Jewelry, Alcohol etc.

Counter Surveillance

Counter Surveillance teams that guard public figures, or embassies, need to examine day to day items, innocent looking gifts or mobile phones in order to detect the slightest alteration in their electronic components. These items may be used as listening devices or might contain explosives.

What is inspected?

Electronic Devices, Furniture, Walls (concrete, drywall) Entire Hotel Rooms

Border Control

Portable X-ray systems are the perfect solution for inspecting suspected items across borders and checkpoints. These systems are lightweight and rugged and can be easily transferred and quickly deployed.

What is inspected?

Contraband, Weapons, Drugs, IED & Explosives Detection etc.

Special Forces

Special Forces require an easy to carry, simple to deploy, portable product. Keeping the systems as light as possible yet rugged and covert is crucial for mission safety and fast operation.

What is inspected?

IED’s, EODs, Locks, Cylinder & many more…


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