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During the manufacturing process and for periodic maintenance alike, NOVO DR's systems are ideal for aerospace inspection and testing. When the smallest defect can risk lives and with testing requirements growing rigorous, you need a reliable cutting edge technology at your side.

NOVO Xray - Wing

The Advantages of Portable Digital Radiography

Above all, the transition from traditional radiography methods (Film or CR) to Digital Radiography saves time and reduces costs. NOVO's portable DR systems are diverse and comprehensive – they provide spectacular image quality, enabling immediate defect detection. They are equipped with our proprietary, user friendly software which makes enhancing, analyzing, sharing and archiving much easier. They are compact and can be operated either wired or wireless, with an external power supply or by using battery power.  And what is more – they do all that with minimal environmental footprint.

Consisting of separate interconnected parts, made of different materials, Aerospace manufacturing and maintenance require unique and distinctive inspection solutions that can expose the finest details of dense materials.

Here is how NOVO's systems can help you keep your maintenance levels and ROI high and your employees and passengers safe:

  • Cutting edge equipment designed to detect fine cracks and other flaws

  • High contrast, high quality real time images generated

  • Large dynamic range

  • Shorter exposure time and lower radiation dose

  • Compact and lightweight, easy to carry and deploy, fit the tightest places

  • User friendly proprietary software with advanced enhancing, sharing and archiving capabilities

  • Battery operated with built in wireless device

Our systems are designed to meet the critical inspection needs of the Aerospace industry and comply with the latest standards and regulations. With NOVO's portable DR at hand, your aircrafts are in good hands.

NOVO Digital Radiography in the Service of Aerospace

NOVO Xray - Honecomb structure

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