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A number of factors should be considered when selecting a digital X-ray system for the construction industry, among which are sensitivity, resolution, speed, size, robustness and portability. NOVO portable DR's systems are created with the NDT operator in mind. Our systems are designed to ensure ultra-precise detection in the most demanding environments.   

NOVO Xray - Rebars inside a concrete wall

Technological advancements brought about significant changes to radiographic testing, making Digital Radiography a widely used NDT method.

The major advantages of portable digital radiography systems over conventional methods are:

  • Shorter exposure times and lower radiation doses

  • Rapid processing

  • Minimal environmental footprint

  • Wide dynamic range – less reshoots

  • Deeper  penetration

  • Cost effective

  • Compact and fully portable

The Advantages of Portable Digital Radiography

NOVO’s portable X-ray systems are designed to meet the unique demands of the construction industry; hidden flaws and anomalies are easily detected, rebars and conduit are quickly located and overall efficiency is vastly improved.     


Say farewell to prolonged X-ray shoots and exposure times. With NOVO's systems images are immediately available on your tablet screen, ready for near real time analysis and prompt decision-making.


Agile, user friendly and intelligent, NOVO's systems' advantages are far reaching:

  • Easily set up and deployed, they can easily be used in diverse operating scenarios and weather conditions

  • Fully battery operated with extended wireless capabilities

  • Require shorter exposure time with minimal radiation doses

  • Small enough to fit into a tactical backpack

  • Equipped with a cutting-edge native software featuring advanced image enhancement tools

NOVO Digital Radiography in the Service of Aerospace

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