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In the munitions industry, quality, accuracy and dependability are of utmost importance.

NOVO DR is a leading manufacturer of portable digital X-ray systems which fully support the munitions industry's requirements by providing speed, safety, high resolution, high penetration, cutting-edge processing tools and much more.

NOVO Xray - Grenade

While portability, speed and image quality are some of the more obvious advantages of Digital Radiography, it has many more, lesser known but as important, benefits. Portable Digital (easy to carry and free up valuable space) and equipped with advanced Radiography systems enable a systematic workflow, they are environmental-friendly, compact enhancement, off-site sharing and data storing tools.  Owing to these benefits, use of Digital Radiography gradually increases, while gaining broad acceptance as an alternative  to conventional radiography methods such as film and CR.

The Advantages of Portable Digital Radiography

To penetrate a thick steel layer a system must combine high penetration capacities with outstanding image quality capabilities. NOVO's portable systems are your most reliable companion in every location: in production, in the field and during maintenance.


Explosives integrity inspection is now significantly upgraded with the smallest cracks, air bubbles, faulty fuses and other defects immediately visible on your tablet screen, ready to be analyzed, shared or archived for comparison or future reference.


Here are a few additional advantages of NOVO's portable digital X-ray systems:

  • Fully battery operated with enhanced wireless capabilities

  • Comprehensive, user-friendly native software   

  • Shorter exposure time and lower radiation dose

  • Lightweight and rugged

  • Deeper depth of penetration

  • Agile configuration

NOVO Digital Radiography in the Service of the Munition Industry

NOVO Xray - M16 Rifle

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