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Ship building is all about welds. NDT accurate testing of welds is therefore critical. NOVO's portable digital X-ray systems are specifically designed to meet the strict quality control demands of shipyards, producing rapid, high quality images, while increasing safety and reducing radiation doses.   

NOVO xray - Steel plate weld
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The Advantages of Portable Digital Radiography

Digital technology has vastly improved X-ray image processing. It allows for greater convenience and efficiency, features increased penetration capabilities, reduces time and costs and provides new and advanced inspection options.

Portability adds additional advantages; equipment is light and compact, thus facilitating access to tight or hard-to-reach areas.   

For these reasons and more, use of Digital Radiography prevails, while rapidly replacing conventional radiography methods which are typically slower, hulky and often environmentally harmful.   

Inspection of welding strips can be long and monotonous, but it is far less so with NOVO's systems. Images will appear on your tablet screen within seconds. No scanning, no development and no prolonged re-shoot routine. The system's enhanced wireless capabilities add agility by allowing for a convient, cable free shifting between upper and lower deck. Additionally, NOVO'S X-ray tools do not interfere with production and can be operated in parallel, day and night, with no impact on production rate.


To reveal and analyze cracks, lack of fusion, corrosion, porosity, slag lines or other welding defects - our systems are your perfect shipyard quality control partner, for all the reasons already mentioned above and more:

  • 100% portable, fully battery operated with a built-in wireless device

  • Rapid and comprehensive, facilitating immediate repairs 

  • Outstanding image quality

  • User friendly native software with advanced enhancement tools

  • Smaller area closure

  • Shorter exposure time and lower radiation dose

  • Immediate sharing, analyzing and archiving  capabilities 

NOVO Digital Radiography in the Service of shipyards

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