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Oil and Gas facilities are required to perform regular pipeline inspections in order to keep a close eye on every pipe, vessel, weld, joint and valve. With NOVO's advanced portable digital radiography solutions you will now be able to perform a carefree evaluation while achieving uninterrupted, accurate, top quality images of even the smallest details in the most inaccessible locations. 

NOVO's systems are designed to address your exact needs:

  • Reveal porosity, cracks, inclusions, corrosion, erosion, lack of fusion etc.

  • Provide accurate measurements of pipes' walls and saddles' dimensions

  • Deliver precise indication of the integrity, quality and coverage of welds

Our compact yet rugged system will help you perform your inspection routine, follow up on changes and quickly analyze your findings, in every location, under any weather conditions, be it in refineries, offshore platforms, power stations or exploration and transmission facilities.

Radiographic testing is known for its immense contribution to the Oil and Gas sector. While Film and CR were commonly used in the past, nowadays, with ever growing technological advancements, use of Digital Radiography (DR) is expanding, rapidly replacing conventional radiography methods.  

Today DR is portable. Portable Digital Radiography utilizes advanced technological tools, providing new, previously nonexistent options. Even the most remote and inaccessible areas can now be viewed, mapped and assessed rapidly, accurately and efficiently, with minimal environmental impact.   

The Advantages of Portable Digital Radiography

NOVO's portable X-ray systems provide NDT operators with an all-round solution. They are:

  • Compact and lightweight

  • Easy to carry and install

  • Rugged and durable

  • Furnished with a user friendly proprietary software with advanced archiving capabilities

  • Equipped with cutting edge image enhancement tools

  • Capturing, displaying and sharing immediate high resolution images

  • Remotely controlled and available with enhanced wireless tools    

When it comes to meeting your every inspection need and detecting the smallest of impairments, NOVO's systems are an invaluable partner.

NOVO's portable DR systems Highlights

NOVO Xray - Pipe measurements

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