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With global terrorism on a rise, Border Security personnel often find themselves up against unknown threats. While hoping for the best they still must prepare for the worst by conducting the most thorough inspections, not leaving a stone unturned.

While scanning for weapons, explosives, ammunition and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) is hard enough, keeping the flow of trade and people is even harder. Harder still are the physical conditions of border control stations, be it airports, railways, seaports and other border checkpoints.   

Portable X-ray Systems at the Service of Explosive Detection

As the popularity and sophistication of improvised explosives increase, security operators are in need of portable x-ray systems with exceptional explosive detection capabilities. Namely, systems that can meet all challenges and help restore safety as quickly as possible.

NOVO's portable X-ray systems have what it takes:     

  • Superior imaging qualities

  • Minimal set up and response time

  • Extreme portability

  • Unique durability

  • User Friendly interface

Fighting Improvised Explosive Devices

NOVO's portable explosive detection X-ray systems confront new IED threats with novel technology. NOVO provides security operators with a comprehensive solution, best suited to their needs:

  • Customized site-specific configuration

  • Immediate image preview, enhancement and transfer

  • Durable design, built to withstand extreme environmental conditions

  • Compact and lightweight  

  • User Friendly and straightforward interface

With new threats emerging, prompt explosive detection is an absolute necessity.

With NOVO's portable X-ray systems at hand, public safety is guaranteed!

Explosive Detection X-ray Systems - Highlights

NOVO Xray - Briefcase
NOVO Xray - Steel pipe with a mobile phone

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