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Counter Surveillance 

When guarding public figures or sensitive places, certain measures need to be undertaken to protect against counter surveillance. Special Forces and Protective Service Agencies are required to detect security breaches and sweep for small and technologically advanced covert surveillance devices.

As use of counter surveillance devices is rising, Special Forces and Protective Service Agencies need Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) that can address their most acute requirements:

  • High Resolution – to detect the smallest wires and the slightest alterations

  • Perfect clarity – high quality images to establish the nature of the device

  • Speed -  is key, especially when on the move

  • Non Destructive – yet still completely effective

  • Portable – compact and easy to carry

Outstanding imagery capabilities provided by NOVO’s discrete & compact X-Ray systems

NOVO Xray - Plant with Electronics

The Perfect Surveillance Counter Measure 

NOVO's discrete portable X-ray systems are an ideal Counter Surveillance solution. Concealed inside a telephone or hidden in a wall, NOVO's tools can detect hidden microphones, transmitters and other devices, as well as modifications made to electronic components.   

NOVO's sensitive detectors and superior imaging capabilities accommodate a quick and reliable sweeping –no dismantling required and no damage caused. The combination of a lightweight gear, generous detection area, high resolution images, penetration capabilities and immediate image preview, make NOVO's X-ray systems a perfect surveillance counter measure.

Discrete and easy to deploy, NOVO's systems are always ready to fight unwelcome surveillance:

  • Increased penetration abilities

  • Immediate image preview, enhancement and transfer

  • Large detection area 

  • Compact and lightweight – fits into a small backpack

  • Long lasting battery - over 16 hours with a single full charge

  • Advanced wireless capabilities

  • User Friendly interface

Counter Surveillance X-ray Systems – Highlights

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