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Customs and security personnel are required to conduct non-intrusive/non-destructive inspection of parcels, luggage, containers and vehicles in order to detect growing numbers of suspicious items and smuggled goods such as weapons, IEDs, ammunition, narcotics, alcohol and cigarettes, to name but a few.

NOVO's Portable Digital X-ray systems facilitate operational efficiency. Security and customs operators can now keep a smooth workflow without causing inadvertent damage to inspected items, while still maintaining strict security standards.

NOVO's sensitive detectors, dual energy module (for organic/inorganic detection) and advanced imaging capabilities are all sophisticated tools, accommodating quick and reliable scanning – no manual inspections needed, no dismantling required, no insurance claims to handle. 

Customs Non Destructive X-ray Screening Solutions

Non-Intrusive Cargo Scanning  

NOVO's portable X-ray systems are ideal for inspecting loaded trucks, containers and cars for contraband and other security threats. Compact, light, mobile and easy to set up, NOVO's systems are a perfect solution for seaports, airports and border checkpoints.

Delivering exceptional penetration and image enhancement capabilities NOVO's solutions are suitable for inspecting fuel tanks, airbags, wheels, dashboards, doors and more.  NOVO's innovative system can be used along existing infrastructures, such as stationary X-ray inspection systems.  

To handle increasing numbers of passengers, commodities and threats, customs and security personnel need the best solution on their side. NOVO's is that solution:

  • Immediate image preview, enhancement and transfer

  • Superior image analysis capabilities

  • Increased penetration levels

  • Compact and lightweight 

  • Advanced dual energy module

  • User Friendly and straightforward interface

NOVO's digital X-ray systems ensure maximal security and speed while keeping disruption minimal.

Security and Customs Detection X-Ray System – Highlights

NOVO Xray - The different layers of a Tire

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