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Widespread use of explosives presents immense growing challenges and threats to civilians, law enforcement forces, military and police bomb squads and EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) teams worldwide. The key objective of Bomb Disposal Operators is to accomplish their task as safely as possible. For that reason, EOD equipment, and specifically portable x-ray systems play a crucial role in meeting this objective -providing real time, high quality images of suspect objects, while ensuring the safety of all parties involved. 

NOVO's Explosives Detection Mobile X-Ray Systems

NOVO Xray - Steel pipe inside a backpack

Bombs Identification and Detection Devices

Responding to global threats and defeating them require a comprehensive solution. Be it in urban centers or conflict zones, EOD bomb disposal depends on an immediate analysis of the suspicious object's scan:

  • Is it a bomb or a counterfeit?

  • What is the status of the detonator?

  • Are there any threats substances?

  • Can it be moved?   

NOVO's EOD solutions are portable, easily set up and deployed, can be configured to match various environments and conditions, provide high resolution and high penetration images within seconds of shooting them, and most importantly –allows for a single approach by the operator (no approach needed with robot integration) while minimizing exposure. 

 Safety, speed and robustness are key features when it comes to EOD solutions. NOVO's portable bomb detection systems are designed with these features in mind: 

  • Thin and lightweight detectors – fit into the tightest of places while providing maximum coverage

  • Complete range of Golden Engineering X-Ray sources

  • Uniquely compact and rugged configurations which fit into a small backpack

  • Long lasting battery - over 16 hours with a single full charge

  • NOVO's native Touch software  - cutting edge and user friendly

  • Advanced wireless capabilities - extending wireless communication range to 400m line-of- sight.

  • Organic detection dual energy unit

  • A variety of 4 customized tablets – to be used handheld or mounted

  • Parallel multi location control & display option

NOVO's EOD equipment supports various EOD needs and scenarios. In order to assess threats quickly and make critical decisions on the spot, you need the best X-ray system on your side.

With NOVO DR you are in good hands!  

Explosive Detection Equipment – Highlights

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