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Special Forces

Be it guerilla warfare, commando operations, small scale direct actions or anti-terrorism activities, speed and efficiency are fundamental for members of the Special Forces, operating in high risk areas.

We at NOVO Digital Radiography realize that speed and efficiency equal SAFETY. Our portable digital X-ray solutions are therefore quick to setup and designed to produce immediate high quality images, ready for instantaneous analysis and decision making.

NOVO's portable X-ray solutions furthermore allow for a single approach by the operator (no approach needed with robot integration) while minimizing exposure and risk to the operator and to additional parties present at the scene.   

NOVO’s light, compact & rugged X-Ray systems

NOVO Xray - Fire Extinguisher

Identifying Threats – Keeping Safe

NOVO’s innovating systems possess uniquely compact, light and rugged configurations which fit a small backpack. Easy to carry and simple to deploy, our system is designed to accommodate the most surreptitious missions and withstand extreme environmental conditions.

Once on site, NOVO's systems allow for minimal setup time, eliminating unneeded delays. Remote operation through tablet is achieved with a touch of a button, and a clear image of the threat is immediately generated. 

High resolution and penetration capabilities make prompt and accurate decision making possible. Quick and appropriate actions can then be taken to effectively eliminate the threat. 

Facing firmest demands and relentless pace, members of the Special Forces need a portable X-ray system that can keep up:      

  • Quick and simple setup

  • Light, compact and durable

  • Rugged versatile configurations

  • Long lasting battery

  • Advanced wireless capabilities

  • Organic detection dual energy unit

  • Parallel multi location control & display option

  • Immediate image preview, enhancement and transfer

  • Combined features supporting covert and clandestine operations

NOVO's digital X-ray systems are built to comply with Special Forces distinct requirements.

Wherever you go – we go!

Portable X-Ray systems for Special Forces – Highlights

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