Non-Destructive Testing

NOVO Systems

Discovery II System
NOVO 15WN Tactical System

Auto Wall Thickness Tool

Fast, easy & automatic wall thickness measurements.

Basic Spatial Resolution (SRb)

Select the region of interest and leave the rest to the NOVO Automatic Basic Spatial Resolution tool.

Stitching Feature

Stitch multiple images using our  easy to use, Manual Stitching feature or our super fast, Automatic Stitching Feature. 


Simple & intuitive Double Wall Thickness Technique Tool - converting gray levels into material thickness.

Cutting Edge Detectors

Thinnest, lightest and most durable Detectors in the market.

NOVO Touch Software & X-Rays

International Standards

ISO 17636-2 Class B

ASME Section V article 2

BOEING 7044 Ver C


Armor Kit 

Adds additional ruggedness to the Detector:

 Newest shock absorbent technology

 Water resistant

 Allows various mounting options

Soft Cover

Light and durable

Provides weather and impact protection

Allows various mounting options

Tripod Mount

 Tripod adapter 

Fast & easy assembly


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In the construction industry, there is often the need for fast non-destructive inspection, particularly to locate targets within concrete and reinforced masonry structures prior to drilling, cutting or coring.
What is inspected?
Pipes, Re-bar, Conduit, Fittings
With the very high standards required by the Aerospace industry digital radiography has become a paramount method of inspection due to it's high sensitivity and increased productivity.
What is inspected?
Cracks, Various composite material Defects, Casting defects etc.
Power Line Inspection
Digital X-ray is used to discover issues with compression sleeves before conductor failures occur which inflict costly outages.
What is inspected?
Disconnects, Fitting and integrity of Cables under Compression sleeves
Oil & Gas

Being a substantial part of Preventative Maintenance Digital Radiography allows to keep your assets safe and functional with minimum disturbance to the day to day work.

What is inspected?
Corrosion, Weld Quality, Wall Thickness, Clogging, etc.

Ship Building
Digital Radiography allows to instantly and thoroughly check whether a weld's integrity is kept or not  as we are speaking of ships it is crucial for everyone's safety.
What is inspected?
Welds and Pipes
Digital radiography allows to detect cracks or assembly  defects immediately on the spot , allowing safe manufacturing at a high quality.  
What is inspected?
Cracks, Assembly Defects, Defective Fuses, etc.
Art & Archaeology
Digital X-ray is used to inspect works of art and archaeological findings in order to discover internal structures and to learn how these have been built or to better understand their current status.
What is inspected?
Artifacts, paintings, sculptures, archaeological findings etc.


Concrete Inspections with Digital Radiography
Pipe Inspections with Digital Radiography

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