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EOD & Special Forces

Digital Radiography Solutions Ideal for EOD and Special Forces


NOVO Systems

Shadow System
Uniquely Designed for Special Forces 
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Rover II System
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Ultimate II System
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Tactical II System
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NOVO Urban System
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Falcon II

• Built-in GPS
 Up to 500m (0.31 Miles) Line of Sight Wireless Communication
MIL Standard (MIL-DTL 38999) Connectors
Wired Communication up to 300m (0.18 miles)
 6+ Hours Built-in Battery
Power Down the Line
 Supports Operation of Both Old and New RS232 Golden Engineering Sources
Lightweight at ~900g (2 lbs.) Only


3D Arc

The 3D Arc Provides Precise Location & Exact Measurements for IED Disruption & Manual Entry. Extremely Easy to Use Touch Interface, Provides Accurate X, Y, Z Measurements and 3D Imaging in Seconds.

Optional Laser Pointer Showing Exact Angle and Point of Entry for Precision Entry / Attack

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Folding Slider L/XXL

The two NOVO Folding Sliders are the Ideal Solutions for Screening Large Objects. 

• Folding Slider L up to Folding Slider XXL

Built-in controller

Controlled by the NOVO Touch Software

Has a completely automated movement


The NOVO Lookout is a lightweight, 3 in 1 Accessory Enabling the Following Capabilities:

Organic Detection

Live Video

Live Audio


Automatic Exposure Detection (AED)

• No Mobile phone, Tablet and Cables Required.

• Operational at Even 1 Pulse!

Robot Detector Frame

The Robot Detector Frame is Lightweight and Shock Absorbent.

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Robot C-Arm

The Robot C-Arm is Lightweight and so it Allows the Robot to Pick Up and Carry Simultaneously the X-Ray Source and the Detector


Proving up to 2 Miles (3.3km) Line of Sight, the NOVO Eagle is an Extremely Long-Range Wireless Transceiver, Which Extends the Wireless Communication between the Tablet and the Inspection area.

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Typical Applications

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