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NOVO’s portable digital radiography systems for NDT applications provide a complete solution for grabbing x-ray images in the most extreme & demanding environments. NOVO’s systems are the lightest and most durable of their kind and offer unique capabilities .


Highest Image Quality:

16-bit Latest Generation

State of the art Digital Radiography detectors that produce, exceptional high quality images with incredible detail and high penetration capabilities ideal for both conventional and CRBN threat analysis 

The Genie Enhancement Feature

One Touch Proprietary Enhancement Feature

NOVO GENIE Before & After




Touch Software:

Simple User Friendly Touch Interface

The NOVO Touch Pro Software is NOVO’s proprietary software developed to provide the best user experience and functionality in harsh & extreme field operations. 

  • User friendly, native touch interface 

  • Built it tools such as the Genie, HDR, subtraction and manual & automatic stitching 

  • Intuitive operation for grabbing X-ray images, annotating, archiving and sharing information 

  • Controls hardware features such as illumination, switch from wired to wireless communication, activate a variety of X-ray sources and more 

  • Supports various International Standards such as  - ISO 17636-2 Class B, BOEING 7044 Ver C & DICONDE

  • Compatible with the latest touch screen technology & standard PC’s 

  • Supports Windows® 10

Supports International Standards

20” 4K





NOVO Touch Software

User Friendly Interface

• Operating & Controlling the System 

• Powerful Automatic Enhancing  Algorithms 

• Optimal Viewing Experience 

• Variety of Tablets;
rugged 7" up to a 20" 4K display. 

• Windows® 10

Multi Language Software

Multi Language Software

• Supports software operation in multiple languages

• Additional languages upon request 

Software Highlights: 

NOVO Touch Software

Region of Interest


NOVO Touch Software


Select the Region of Interest and leave the rest to NOVO's Automatic Spatial Resolution Tool

Line Profile

Line Profile

Fast, Easy & Automatic Wall Thickness Measurements

Stitching Feature



Simple & Intuitive Double Wall Technique Tool

Multi Language Software

Stitching Feature

Stitch Multiple Images using our Easy To Use, Manual Stitching Feature or our Extremely Fast, Automatic Stitching Feature


Cutting Edge Detectors:

Thinnest, Lightest, most Durable



  • Unmatched Image Quality!

  • Built-in shielding for maximum life span

  • Designed to Operate with High Dose/Energy

  • 16-bit Latest Generation

  • Detector Thickness from 0.6” (15.6mm)

  • Drop Tested Detectors

  • Load Proof 661 lbs. (300 kg)

  • Lightest in the Market




Parallel Multi Location Control & Display:

True Multi Tablet Control and Display allows for multiple display units
to be connected to the system. Multiple team members can control
the X-Ray and view the images at different locations.

These tablets can be used to:

  • Control the System

  • Display X-Ray Images

  • Image Enhancing, Storage & Sharing


Versatile System Casing:

Complete System in a Pelican Hard Case

Each system includes:

  • Detector

  • Tablet & NOVO Touch Software

  • X-Ray Source

  • Control Box / Falcon

  • Custom Communication Reel

  • Additional Modules & cables








Most Rugged System:

Suitable for all Terrain and Weather Conditions

  • Usage in Extreme Weather Conditions

  • MIL-DTL 38999 Connectors

  • Titanium Magnetic Connectors

  • MIL-STD-810G Tablets 

  • Drop Tested Detectors 

  • Rugged Cases


Unmatched Communication Range:

Wired & Wireless Communication

  • Up to 300m Wired Communication

  • 400m (0.25miles) LOS Standard Wireless Ranger

  • Up to 3.3km (2 miles) LOS Wireless Communication

  • Variety of Wireless Accessories

  • Multiple Reels and Cable Options


Longest Battery Life:

Over 16 Hours of Battery Operation

While out in the field battery longevity can be crucial, with over 16 hours of operation with a single full charge, you can focus on what's important.

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