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Something worth shouting out - The word from Penhall Technologies

Since 1995 the Penhall Company has operated a non-destructive testing program to

improve safety for its employees and customers. When cutting into concrete it is

essential to locate any hazards embedded in the concrete such as utility lines and

tension cables. In early 2016 Penhall decided to add X-ray technology to its existing

US radar capabilities to bring enhanced accuracy and the unique ability to create

near instant images for its customers to view.

Most concrete inspection in the US today is done using film and radioactive isotopes as the energy source during operation. This old approach has many drawbacks and a single exposure or film development can take 50 minutes or more, before an image is even available, versus a few seconds for digital x-ray. Radioactive isotopes are extremely dangerous, and the superior sensitivity of our NOVO DR digital detector plate enables a CP on/off x-ray tube to be used – vastly improving jobsite safety and efficiency.

After careful testing, Penhall chose our NOVO 22 Discovery 4K paired with the Comet 300D x-ray tube. Our system brings intuitive, user-friendly software with a simple touchscreen interface - ideal for use at jobsites. Our proprietary image enhancing feature called “Genie” produces crystal clear images with just one touch and dramatically reduces the time between shots.

For more info on how Digital X ray is implemented with Concrete inspection in the Construction industry visit: Penhall X-ray and read our full article on this application at: 

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