NOVO Systems

Rover II System
NOVO 22 Ultimate Falcon System
NOVO 15 Tactical Falcon System
NOVO 15 Urban System

3D Arc

The 3D Arc provides precise location & exact measurements for IED disruption & manual entry. Extremely easy to use touch interface, provides accurate X, Y, Z measurements and 3D imaging in seconds.

Falcon II

• Built-in GPS
 500m(0.31 Miles) Line of Sight Wireless Communication
MIL Standard (MIL-DTL 38999) Connectors
Wired Communication up to 300m (0.18 miles)
 6+ Hours of Operation
Power Down the Line
 Supports operation of both old and new RS223 Golden Engineering Sources
Lightweight at ~900g (2 lbs.) Only


The NOVO Lookout is a lightweight, 3 in 1 accessory enabling the following capabilities:

Organic Detection

Live Video

Live Audio

NOVO Touch Software & X-Rays

Folding Slider II

The NOVO Folding Slider II is the ideal solution for screening large objects. 

Built-in controller

Controlled by the NOVO Touch Software

Has a completely automated movement.