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  • Davide Gandus

LOOKOUT - New Accessory Released

The NOVO Lookout is a 3 in 1 accessory combining Organic Detection, On Target Live Day\Night Video and Streaming Audio:

Organic Detection - Assists in identification of the content and nature of an inspected item by providing organic \ in-organic designation. A color X-ray image is automatically displayed; orange hues for organic materials (e.g. explosives, organic liquids), blue hues for in-organic materials (e.g. metals) and green hues for thin in-organic materials (e.g. glass, wires, thin metal). The Organic Detection Dual Energy images comply with airport security standards.  Live Video - A Live Video stream of the inspected item is transmitted to the tablet, for monitoring purposes. The Camera switches automatically from day mode to night mode (infra-red) and leverages the Control Box built-in LED illumination (Infra-red\White) for optimal image quality. A Still Image can be grabbed for analysis and documentation. Live Audio - Live Audio streaming is sent from the Lookout built-in microphone to the tablet for additional monitoring of the inspected item’s surroundings. The NOVO Lookout is a tool-free, light weight accessory that is fully controlled by the NOVO Touch Software. It is the only module in the market that is both button free (no need to select the type of X-ray) and can work with Golden Engineering XR200 and XRS-3 sources (old and new generations).

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