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  • Davide Gandus

NOVO 15 Urban System (Covert Backpack System)

NOVO DR is pleased to present the NOVO 15 Urban System. The Urban is the perfect solution for covert work in urban scenarios. The system contains a Detector, Tablet, X-Ray source (XR-150/XR-200/XRS-3) and other modules & cables. In its lightest configuration the Urban weighs ~15 Lbs. (~6.5kg) and contains the 15WS detector, XR-150 Golden source and a rugged tablet all ​​placed in a customized 5.11 Covrt™ 18 backpack – making the complete Urban system extremely light weigh

t & compact. This first of its kind system allows for a discreet approach to crowded areas, while providing easy deployment and immediate outstanding images - all that is needed for a fast assessment of the situation.

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