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NOVO DR System Reveals 3 Hidden Modigliani Sketches Beneath his Painting

Three previously unknown sketches by Amedeo Modigliani, the 20th-century Italian Modern artist, came to light after the canvas of his painting was X-rayed using NOVO’s Portable X-ray system at the University of Haifa’s Hecht Museum. The painting that was scanned is called “Nude with a Hat” which is known as a "double painting"- a “Nude with a Hat” from one side and a portrait of Maud Abrantes, Modigliani's friend, on the other side in a 180-degree reversal. Using NOVO's Digital Radiography system, it was possible to penetrate through the paint layers shown to the human eye, without damaging them to see what lies beneath. Thus, three new paintings were revealed: a portrait of a man whose gaze was directed at the observer and was discovered under the "Nude with a Hat" paint, contours of faces and hair that were discovered under the abdominal and chest area of "Nude with a Hat" and a figure that was found on the back of the canvas under the portrait of Maud Abrantes. This is yet another unique example of how NOVO's systems coupled with the NOVO proprietary software tools, can expose the underlayer and hidden items of works of art, helping us to better understand how the pieces were created.

Read more about this discovery here:

(External Pictures: Shay Levy)

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