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Eagle - Long Range Wireless

The NOVO Eagle is an Extremely Long Range Wireless transceiver, which extends the wireless communication between the tablet and the inspection area – Detector and X-Ray Source.

  • 3.3km (2 miles) line of sight

  • Fully wireless or hybrid communication

  • Ideal for Urban scenarios with high RF interference

  • Ultimate CBRNE accessory where long operation distances are required

  • 1/4” standard threading for tripod connection

  • 5 Hours of internal battery operation

  • Allows for robot integration

Detector Side
Tablet Side
Connection to X- Ray Via Picatinny
Detector Side
Tablet Side
Option A
Fully Wireless Configuration
Option B
Hybrid Mode Configuration


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NOVO Armor with NOVO Detector

The Armor Kit Contains the NOVO Armor, which provides additional mechanical protection to the NOVO 15WS & NOVO 22WS Detectors, the Armor Stand and a traveling soft cover.

  • Newest shock absorbent technology case

  • Water resistant design

  • Supports wired & wireless communication

  • Multiple positioning options

  • Tripod connection using the Built-in 1/4” threads

  • Simple Detector battery replacement

NOVO Armor 15 & 22
Armor 22
Armor 15

Folding Slider

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The NOVO Folding Slider is the ideal solution for screening large objects.


  • Screening area of 2X2 using the NOVO 22WS Detector

  • Screening area of 3X2 using the NOVO 15WS Detector

  • Controlled by the NOVO Touch Software

  • Completely automated movement

  • Automatically generates an outstanding high-quality mosaic image

  • Small footprint for max portability & easy storage

NOVO Folding Slider setup
*Tripod not included
NOVO Folding Slider closed
NOVO Folding Slider open
Folding Slider - closed
Folding Slider - open


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Organic Detection

  • Assists in identification of the content and nature of an inspected item by providing organic / in-organic designation

  • A color X-ray image is automatically displayed

  • The Organic Detection Dual Energy Images comply with airport security standards

Live Video

  • Provides a Live Video stream of the inspected item

  • The Camera switches automatically between day / night mode (Infra-red)

  • Provides A Still Image that can be grabbed and used for analysis and documentation


Live Audio

  • Provides a Live Audio stream of the inspected environment allowing the operator to hear the Golden's "clicks" in addition to monitoring the sounds in the surrounding area

  • Built-in Speaker allows to communicate and warn people in the inspected area


  • Controlled completely by the NOVO Touch Software

  • Compatible with Golden Engineering XR150, XR200 and XRS-3 sources

NOVO Lookout with XRS3
External Image

Soft Protective Cover

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The Detector Soft Protective Cover provides additional protection for the NOVO 15WS & 22WS Detectors.


  • Weather & impact protection

  • Special opening for Tripod Mount access

  • Various positioning options using a carrying strap or D-Rings

  • Supports wired & wireless communication

  • Lightweight & small footprint

NOVO Soft Protective cover
NOVO 15WS Soft Protective Cover
NOVO 22WS Soft Protective Cover
NOVO Soft Protective cover open
NOVO Soft Protective cover with NOVO Detector

Tripod Mounts

The Tripod Mount is a lightweight accessory that firmly holds the detector and provides various positioning options.

  • Two 1/4” standard threads for tripod or manipulation arm connection

  • Secured connection to the Detector using a safety pin

  • Numerous positioning options

NOVO 15 & 22 Tripod Mounts with NOVO WS Detectors
NOVO 22WS Tripod Mount
~1lbs. (~0.5kg)
NOVO 15WS Tripod Mount
~0.9lbs. (~0.4kg)

Wireless Ranger

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The NOVO Wireless Ranger is a wireless transceiver, which extends the wireless communication range between the tablet and the inspection area.

  • Battery-free

  • Lightweight

  • Staggering 400m line of sight

  • Built in magnets to mount on any ferromagnetic object - tablet, case, vehicle etc.

Wireless Ranger attached Magnetically to 10" Toughpad® Tablet
Wireless Ranger attached Magnetically to 10" Toughpad® Tablet
Wireless Ranger attcahed to Rover Case
Wireless Ranger Attached Magnetically to Pelican Case

Comm. Extension Cables

The communication cable provides reliable and fast data transmission between the various system parts.

  • Power Over Line for unlimited operation when using an external power source

  • Lightweight, robust custom reel - connected to the case or as “stand-alone”

  • Extension cables of 50m, 100m and 150m

  • Maximum of 300m wired operation range

Extension Comm. Cable Reel
NOVO Comm, Rugged Reel attached to Rover Case
Removable Rugged Reel - 50m Comm. Cable
Extension Comm. Cable Reel
Lightweight Custom Mini Reel

Robot Detector Frame

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NOVO’s lightweight, small profile Detectors can be integrated with various robots while not effecting the robot’s manipulation, flexibility and reach.

  • Integration with both Small & Large robots

  • Special Robot Detector Frame for mounting NOVO's Detectors

  • NOVO’s system can be controlled independently or channeled through the robot

Robot Arm for NOVO 15WS
Robot Arm for NOVO 15WS
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