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EOD & IED Application


In EOD/IED it is clear that split seconds decisions are imperative. Immediate high quality digital images are crucial for analysis of the insides of a suspected object or a bomb. For minimum time on target our system allows the operator to approach the suspicious object once or not at all (using a robot) and rely on one or multiple tablets, with user-friendly touch software, to control the system and view the X-ray images. NOVO’s systems are portable, lightweight and easy to deploy, can operate over 16 hours on batteries and provide the highest image quality in the most durable system available.

Special Forces Application

Special Forces

Special Forces require an easy to carry, simple to deploy, portable product; NOVO’s innovating systems provide extremely compact and rugged configurations to fit a small backpack while not settling on image quality, robustness and flexibility. The ability to operate the system from a small rugged tablet reduces even more the overall volume and weight on target.

Counter Surveillance Application

Counter Surveillance

When used by Counter Surveillance teams NOVO’s X-ray systems play a crucial role in inspecting everyday objects - such as electronic devices, furniture, walls (concrete, drywall) and even inspecting an entire hotel room. When guarding a public figure, or an embassy, these items as well as innocent looking gifts or mobile phones must be inspected for the slightest alteration in their electronic components which may imply it is being used as a listening device. That is why it was crucial for us to develop our X-ray systems to be light, portable, discrete, easy to deploy and provide on-the-spot quality results.

Border Control Application

Border Control

NOVO’s portable X-ray systems are perfect for contraband – drugs or weapons, and IED detection by examination of suspected items across borders and perimeters. It allows the operator to carry the complete system in his car or in a backpack when needed. The inspection of suspected items is quick and simple and provides the highest image quality for on the spot decisions.The robustness and long battery operation time of NOVO’s system enable usage in all terrains and all weather conditions.

Customs Application


In customs, check point officials must perform a quick, non-intrusive and non-destructive inspection of suspected vehicles and packages with whom they come across on a daily basis. NOVO’s portable X-ray systems offer an excellent inspection solution for check points that do not have large cargo or vehicle inspection systems or require a complementary solution. Our system boasts high penetration capabilities and superb image quality, combined with immediate results and easy to control touch software; it is ideal for contraband detection such as ammunition, weapons, drugs, jewelry and alcohol. 

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